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Politics and Public Administration
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POL 128
Hartt Laurinda

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Politics and Film IMDb Exercise Raj Singh- Toronto, Canada Darvesh Singh- Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India Livleen Singh- Manhattan, New York, USA Gurveer Singh- Kaihish Suri Reena Singh- New York, USA (Parents from Pune, India) Gurpreet Guggi- India (Punjabi) Aunty Jasleen- Winnipeg, Manitoba Coach Winters- Charlottesville, Virginia Melissa Winters- California, L.A Devah Singh- Toronto Sonu- Toronto, Canada Nikku-Toronto Inderjit Singh- Toronto Canada Dave Murden- Toronto, Canada Drake- Toronto, Canada Ludacris-Champaign, Illinois. USA Akshay Kumar- Amritsar, India Officer Diaz- Toronto, Canada Hammerhead Coach- Canada 10/19-Canada 4/19-India 5/19- USA To be considered Canadian film, must have 5 Canadians in key positions. Founding Cultures of Canada: 1 First Nations, 2 French, English 3 rd and then Eastern Europeans. Monsters Inc. Propaganda: when yo
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