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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

26/02/13 • approx. 10,000-12,000 companies involved in film making today • cultural products account for the most sales in US • industry is dominated by Warner Brothers, Paramount, Columbia, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Disney. • each studio makes about 10-15 major films a year, and about a dozen minor • average film today costs $120 million • Blair Witch Project ($35,000 budget) made indie films popular Breakdown of studios: • Warner Brothers: aka Time Warner, was bought by AOL at one point, but has since separated and is now owned just by Time Magazine. $28.7 billion/year • Paramount : owned by Viacom. $15 billion/year • Columbia: owned by Sony. $8 billion/year • 20th Century Fox: owned by News Corp (Rupert Murdoch). $33.7 billion/year • NBC/Universal: owned mostly by Comcast (used to be owned by General Electric). $16 billion/year • Dis
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