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Lecture 6

POL 128 Lecture 6: POL128 - WEEK 6

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

March 1, 2017 Canadian Film Industry ❖ Roughly the same time when the first film was shown in both Canada and U.S. ❖ By 1920  850 commercial theatres in Canada in different locations ❖ Early success stories in film business o Allen Bros: created the first chain of movie theatres in Canada (1907) ▪ Built their first theatre in Brantford ▪ Theatre was very elaborate, big (1200 people). Beautifully decorated. ▪ Reason they built theatre in Brantford: Brantford was a very prosperous city. The people had money ▪ 1922 chain of theatres ▪ Movies were seen as a cheap/accessible way to use up whatever leisure time you had ▪ Movies were seen as entertainment for lower class people o Ernest … ▪ Luxurious cinema ▪ Theatres who could afford it hired a piano player o 1936 Average Canadian saw 12 movies per year o 1950  18 movies per year o 1952 $260 million admissions to movies in Canada o Average year $100 million tickets sold ❖ English Canadians had very close ties with Britain ❖ Why Canada didn't develop in the early days f the media: o 1. Canada didn't have a lot of big cities: Montreal was considered the biggest o 2. Canada did not have a domestic theatrical tradition ▪ Didn't have an indigenous theatrical tradition o 3. Shortage of investment capital ▪ People were not willing to invest money in the making of movies ▪ Wasn’t a problem in Hollywood –they are bigger risk takers. They’re willing to gamble. Canadians are much more conservative with their money. ❖ Ern
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