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Lecture 3

POL 128 Lecture 3: Week 3

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Week 3 Democracy A form of government where people have a saying in terms of what the government does. o Consists of fair votes o Voting with a choice o Freedoms (freedom of speech, expression, choice, movement, job, equality). Just because the people have a saying, it does not always yield a good outcome. o Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Brexit. The word comes from the Greek word demos people o Does not clarify which people, and how many people o Not everyone would be able to vote. For example, in Victorian England, people who owned property were the only ones able to vote. Women and Blacks were also barred from being able to vote in the U.S in roughly the 18 century. Democracy takes 2 forms o Older form is noted as direct Direct democracy means that the people have direct control over government decisions. It has also been popular in the U.S. Goes as far back to the late 18 century. Many religious minorities escaped Britain and moved to the U.S because they were being persecuted (catholics and other religious groups) They brought with them the ideal of direct democracy. There communities revolved on the idea of direct democracy. They also developed the concept of the town hall (gather, debate, and vote for issues that had to be resolved in the town hall) Faded away and replaced eventually by the representative democracy U.S uses more direct democracy o 3 ways direct democracy can work in todays world Referendum Exists in Canada Its when the federal government or the provincialstate government poses a question or statement from its people. Example: If Quebec can be separated. A vote in Ontario to change voting system. We had a referendum on military prescription in WW1. Not enough volunteers so people were forced into the military. Majority of Quebecois said no and majority of English Canadians said yes. In the U.S a referendum is used for everything. Every election there are a number of questions people are asked about. Happens on state level. Example: People of Ohio were asked if they wanted to ban gay marriage. Was passed. Colorados people said to use Marijuana for recreational use, government said yes due to votes.
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