POL 128 week 1

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Laurinda Hartt- Fournier

THE SWEATER montreal red and blue jersey montreal-canadienne famous #9 on our backs we taped our sticks like moress hesha we gelled our hair like him played hockey church had termendous power furing this time mimicing media hesha was a national hero in quebec eatons catologue --> latest styles accidentially sent the blue maple leaf sweater toronto sweater instead of the montreal red and white he lost his temper and had to go to church to ask for forgiveness prejudice against anglophone BREAKAWAY merging of cultures this is evident in the music video that merges cultures (ie african americans, indians etc..) Representational Discourse text ( everything that the film uses to tell the story, so images, sounds, plot, story, character development) and subtext ( what is the film saying: a hockey romance, it is obvs saying something deeper then that which is to encourage us to respect the differences of the singhs within Canada) denotative (the literal meaning, ie the wedding scene, when raj sees melissa dressed in indian attire_ and connotative (her speaking punjabi and the indian attire respresents her embracing the culture without reducing i/ acceptancet) me
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