week 7 POL 128

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Laurinda Hartt- Fournier

Pol 128 Very important film Not all my family was welcomed July 1st dad said don't celebrate it Canada didn't want Chinese people 18 years to reunite with fMily Headtax certificate 500$ to come to Canada Even babies had Gold mountain Gold rush encouraged Chinese immigrant to come to Canada Only use of them is labour , although white labour is better n Chinese is better than nothing Helped with confederation through the railway After completion of railway wanted them to go back home and didn't allow more Chinese 50$ then $100 then $500 to discourage Chinese people to come into Canada Wanted to preserve white country Helped unite country Chinese immigration act Take you to a building when you first arrive kept for a few weeks Sometimes kept in prison cell Head tax certificate only thing that kept him as a part of Canada Couldn't enter city pools halls playgrounds Couldn't vote Not allowed citizenship Spent mos time in Chinatown Bullied 23 millio from 85 thousand Chinese head tax Cost Chinese Canadian families excluded from Canada 1923 passed exclusion act that no Chinese can
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