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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

POLITICS Lecture 1PoliticsPolis Greek1Decision making mechanism2Conflict resolution3Authoritative allocation of values wealth health status4Just Society Politics started because of organized agriculture cities being builtLecture 2DemocracyDemos a government that runs for the people and by the peopleTwo types of democracy1Direct old people have direct control over government decision making2Representedvote for a mayor counsel to represent us and make decisionsDirectReferenduma big vote on a specific issue on Quebec gay marriage weedDirectCitizens Initiative American the people force the government to do a referendum by petitioning DirectRecallif an MP doesnt do anything the citizen petition to force the MP to resign so that the citizens arent stuck with themFeaturesPolitical equalityeveryone is equal under the law and everyones vote is of the same valuePopular consentthe people have to want it or else its communism Personal and political freedoms Citizens have to have access to infoNon of them are absolute they have restriction Majority rule 51Rule of laweveryone is subject to the law there are limits to what Politians can doState as in country institution part of the structure of political authority The state can use force fine you take away your property You have to have 4 components to have a state a Territorysize of territory doesnt matter but location matters Natural resources matter climate water good growing seasonb Populationis important level of cooperation
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