Post World War 2/Cold War

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Sy GreenbergPOL128November 8thNew Jobs CreatedService Industry Poor payeducated takes these jobs as theres nothing elseTechnology Jobs Doing extremely wellVery little economic growth in the US only growth due to top companiesas well as overseas operations Flatlining standard of livingStandard that youd have a better life then your parents hadThe Cold War 19451990Super Ideological competition Both sides driven by opposite philosophical visions Between the Soviet Union and the United StatesCause Americans came to the conclusion that the Soviet Union wanted to take over the world Got the idea when the USSR took over all of Eastern Europe had a deal at the end of the war on how to organize the worldSupposed to have free electionsKGB and Soviets came in and turned them into communist governments US paranoid about what would happenContainment Policy Contain the spread of Soviet Communism surrounded USSR with American Military BasesDeveloped missile technology as well a
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