Origins of Film Industry

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Sy GreenbergPOL128Oct4 2011Origins of the Film Industry in CanadaFirst exhibition of a film in Canada was in June1896 in MontrealShowing was done on Lumiere Brothers EquipmentNickelodeons became popular in Canada By World War 1 most of the major cities had movie theatresThe Allen BrothersStarted Canadas first successful movie theatres Started out in Brantford Ontario The Sanderson centre for the artsConsidered to be entertainment for the poorless literate seen as something immigrants would do Simple way to fill up their leisure hours much less then in the modern era due to modern unionsEarnest LaneteFrom Montreal Tried to entise the middle class to come into the theatre by hiring a 7 piece orchestra Middle Class only started going to movies in about the 1920s1930s Mass medium 1936 the average Canadian saw on average 1 movie per month 1938 18 movies per monthCanadas film industry saw its peak in 1952265 million admission sales for movies within the year 2001110 million decreased due to Telev
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