POL 129 Lecture 7: Transnationalism

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 129
Myer Siemiatycki

Understanding Transnationalism Transnationalism: o Todays defining mode of immigrant experience? o How in the past and present, treat and regard immigrants? EXAM Q!! Transnationalism has a major dose of looking at the immigration experience through the actions and priorities of immigrants themselves Immigrants to some degree are no longer objects in the eyes of the government. Cannot pick and choose based on ethnicity and race Transnationalism looks at how immigrants themselves construct and how does the government respond? TN now defines and explain what it means to be an immigrant The age of Migration More immigrants than ever o 215 million immigrants worldwide living permanently outside of their country o Increased dramatically refugee status, economic problems in country Globalization: intensified connections across borders o Greater diversity of migration journeys o More sending and receiving countries o Not just that people are leaving, the opportunities for people to leave and stay connected to their home land are unprecedented A wired, interconnected world o Internet, cell phones, cable TV and Airlines Transnationalism (TN): multiple ties and Meanings Emphasizes immigrant experience across borders: homeland, migration, global diaspora and hybridity Contested differing interpretations Dont rely on dictionary definition Think through its meaning and significant for yourselves. Immigrant experiences across borders TN is a new approach to migration studies Differs from past understanding for migration o Close one door; open another o Leave homeland behind and assimilate into a new countrysociety TN involves immigrant attachments across countries and borders Transnationalism Defined: Individuals who experience and are attached to two or more places simultaneously
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