POL 208 - Liberalism Vs Realism

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 208
Wayne Petrozzi

liberalismon one hand we are moving towards states that are more democraticliberal states want mutual gainMutual Gain1 We both get benefit2 A gets more than B3 B gets more than AThey want politics out of international economicsNafta is international trade regime once that is named politics is irrelvent companies can do whatever they wantonce a country signs on to intl trade agreement politics is left out companies control the agreementMostly British economics made this claim or argument to international trade John Stuart Mill David Ricardo etc2nd perspectiveRealismOldest perspective traced back all the way back to greece ThucydidesCan be associated with Machiavelli Thomas hobbsMost influential system on international relationsGOne under different names at different times New protectionism burglerismRealists start from the premise that politics dominated economic It should Economics should be subordinate to the stateThey believe that the state national security military power are the keys to understanding the international systemWhy They come from different rootsHobbs Came to these perspectives from socialpsychological perspective when hobs seems human nature he sees mean calculating harsh competitive individuals who are always in compeittion for power competition is endlessHe argues in a society with no power its a battle against won another we need state to fight against a postapocoloyptic society reduce conflict th
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