Transnational Actors

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 208
Abbas Gnamo

POL 208 Lecture 6 Chapter 8 Marxist theories of international relations Introduction: • Retains relevance despite collapse of communist rule in former soviet union • Focuses on global capitalism • Not an explicit theory of IR • Varying interpretation of his writings  competing schools of Marxism World system Theory • Antecedents: o Lenin’s work on imperialism o Latin American dependency school • Contemporary mainstay: Immanuel Wallerstein SIDE NOTE V.I Lenin Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism, 1917 Imperialism= The highest stage of capitalism= Monopoly capitalism war, conflicts between imperialists nations = revolution Dependency theory in Latin America, explaining why Latin America was under developed ECLA Exploitation imposed by the north over 400 years Andre Gunder Frank he says Underdevelopment was caused by Europeans. Slavery Triangular Slave trade (15,000,000) people were sold Colonialism-contributed to underdevelopment Neo-colonialism- a new form of colonialism, exercised by people in northern nation, done by trade by government, multinational corporations Slavery  Unfair trade Rich nations take more and give back less Historical tendency- commodity prices are down, finished goods are up De-link trading relations with the industrialised nation POL 208 Lecture 6 SIDE NOTE Interrelationships in the World economy Semi- Periphery • Authoritarian government • Export: o Mature manufacturers raw materials • Import: o Manufactures and raw materials • Low wages • Low wages Core • Democratic government • High wages • Import: raw materials • Export: manufactures • High investment
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