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Welfare State in 2008

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Politics and Public Administration
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POL 220
Arthur Ross

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Politics NotesNovember 11 2009income assistanceThe Welfare State in 20082009 health careeducationDeficitsdebtincome assistance programsincome assistance programtargeted prorated o Whois entitledCCTB universal o What o Why what is the state of the welfare state Can it meet the challenges of wellbeing and opportunity Impact of DeficitsDebt that the govt accommodated in 70s 80s 90s and recession lead to changes in welfare state which reduced govt resp for the income safety net Began with exception elimination of universal benefit 1944no family income allowance based on universalityno contribution means test etc govt to provide modesttransfer increasing year by year for parents to support their children What was wrong with sending cheque to every child Universalityprovides incomeentitlement to all child irrespective if the family needs the money inefficient not targeted money is spread thin to give to qualifying puts the money where it is needed mostIt was a small amount and if govt focused on those who needed it they could increase amountmore efficient and effective National Child Benefit NCB only to working parents excludes familieson social assistancemeans that those children part of those families would not receive the money neededEncouraged parents to be independentget a job rather than get welfarePressure by antipoverty activists led to an increase of 65 per year Acknowledged that children should not be treated differently especially in low income familiesOntario Child Benefitavailable to all children whether their parents were employed or not Monthly payments goes down as income goes upNot inclusive targets families who need it most Number of Children 20 000 a year 350 000 a year 30 000 a year1 5000 16672 10000 6667 3333 3 15000 11667 8833 4 20000 16667 13333take responsibility for yourself take a job that has a high income If the government can reduce the poverty level from 16 to 12approx 5 why not less
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