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Welfare State in 2009

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 220
Arthur Ross

Politics NotesNovember 18 2009 Message to single person welfare is not a solution either full or temporaryMessage from govt get a job because getting a job is better than depending on welfareparticipate in workfareWelfare State in 2009Income assistanceHealth careEducationUniversal Targeting Reduce EligibilityContributoryEligibilityBenefitsDuration Means Tested social assistance ODSB Medical disability Independent employment Ontario Works Ontario Works Skills upgradingy Jobsearch skills reason why they are on social assistance y Placements y ChildcareWill go in and out of dependence on social assistanceRelatively insecure jobs with little benefitsDoes it transfer individual living in poverty in social assistance o Long term or realistic solutionHow do you prepare these people for the circumstances of lifeTo what extent do we take responsibility for the choices others have madeLow Income Cutoff for single parent with a child26 366Low Income Cutoff for single person on OW 20 660 Where people in OW are transitional15 440If you leave OW and become independent costs will be incurred health care diabetics 400500 and medical expenses They are allowed to earn 250 per month if they earn more they will be taxed at a 50 tax rate If they earn more money child care subsidies decrease If earning money rent in subsidized housing decreases People take advantage of OWCase study of those on social assistance people with proper support make that transitionRemove disincentives to entering workforce in OWODSBcan get max of 1 020 annual income 12 500o They are below the low income cutoff Will never get 1 020 amountChild pays the price of their parents on OWOntario vs Alberta 2006Ontario single employable 7 007 welfare income o One third of minimum requiremento 34 of poverty line
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