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The Social and Economic Setting of Social Policy & Canadian Politics

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 220
Arthur Ross

Politics NotesOctober 28 2009Social Class y Measured Income and Wealth y Gender y EthnoRacial Identity Know who is advantaged and who is disadvantaged can understand as a measure of inequalityVulnerable and protected Social ClassVulnerable ProtectedGenderInequality EthnoRacial Identity Social Policycan be interrelated gender basis to inequality Women working fulltime make 063 on every 100 that a man makesWomen working parttime 070 make 100 on every 100 that a man makesWhere is the justification o Gender divide exists in the labour marketWomen dominate lower paying jobsLook at the social construction of gender roleshistorically gender roles haveon social determinedsociety evolved pattern of advantaged and disadvantages emerged of favouring men and womenSome dude believed that strength was important o It was justified that males were advantaged and women were disadvantagedSocial ClassLaw SocializationV Gender neutral Men involved in monarchy law making democracyWomen made up 22 of the people in the House of Commons in 2009Measures have been put in law to divide disadvantaged women from advantaged womenWe have not achieved equity we have achieved legal equityHow socialization takes placeAgents of socialization Influences o Family Traditiono SchoolValues Choices o Media o Peers
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