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Lecture 2: Responsibility for Well-Being and Opportunity

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 220
Arthur Ross

CDN Politics Social Policy2009Responsibility for WBOpportunityBalance between indivfamily resp and socialgovt respRecapFocus on income assistance and health careTodays focus is on educationAll of it relates to calamities of lifeWhat are the purposes of educationTo teach othersSupply educated trained or skilled indiv for labor marketReplacing the gaps in the labor marketDeveloping human capitaleducation for employmentoccupationsCitizenslife skills etcLife and History of Eggerton RyersonThese purposes are not new they date back a long time when the public education was foundedEggerton Ryerson became the founder of public Education of all Ontario in 1871Ryerson was the public chairman of education for Upper CanadaArgued a radical innovation in education that all parents fund their childrens education as tax payersPrior to this innovation it was privateex UCC set in 1846 for the elitenow its approx 23000 a yearBefore public education young men would be apprentices in many places which meant they worked for free from age 12 up until adulthood and then they would be paid young women either worked for low pay outside of the home or for free inside the homeHow did Eggerton Ryerson School Promoters1850s 60s70s persuade the tax payers to pay for the education for all childrenSpend money on schools or spend money on building jailsGovt responsibility for education is in the public interest10000 Irish immigrants landed in York fled from poverty in Ireland poor in ragsarrival of these Irish caused Ryerson to push for AngloSaxon educationRyerson was racist and considered them poor impoverished because of their values etc of their CatholicismImmigrants werent socialized enough to attend public school systemsA good example are First Nationsit was cultural genocide took away their identitiescivilized members of society well educatedgood citizens had a responsibility to indoctrinatebrainwashsocialize young children with particular set of values held by AngloBritish way
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