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The Origins and Evolution of the Welfare State

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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 220
Arthur Ross

October 7 2009 HEALTH CARE POLICYCourse Reader Section 6 OriginsEvolution of Welfare State govt responsible for social policy income health educationEvolution of welfare stateindividual responsibility balanced with govt responsibilityIndividual GovtIncome Assistance 1 Means Test for entitlement all assets are means of supporting oneself as few as possible deserving avoid abusetax money is given to those who dont deserve do not undermine individual responsibility in the free market2 Contributory 1940 Program Unemployment Insurance different from means test entitlement you have to work and contribute 6040 split 3 Universality1944 govt accepts responsibility for all childrenall are entitled it is a citizenship rightwhats wrong from govt point of view If all entitled need to have money in the poolask who really needs it Universality everyone in a particular category is entitled to income assistance family allowance baby bonus1950s 1960s 1970sexpand entitlement to income assistance moving towards govt responsibility Post World War IIWW2 1945cost money and liveswon the warwin the peace United Nations was formed within Canada sacrifices of war were not in vainif all govt could marshal assistance to win the war could marshal assistance to help peopleIn1945 was a federal election William Lyon Mackenziehis slogan vote Liberal and build a new social order first statement of govt plan national minimum of human welfare social security on national level and national minimum of human welfare help people bounce back like a safety net
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