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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

4 different perspectives of movies with media 1. Liberal  Liberal views that government shouldn’t be involved in media & media should be run like a business on a profit basis 2. Social Responsibility  It believes that the state has to play some role to ensure that media is socially responsible o Canadian government plays a significant role in Canadian media  Ex. CBC  Governments regulate private broadcasts o Ex. Canadian Content Requirements  Every broadcasts in Canada must follow the Canadian Content Requirements and show certain hours of Canadian contents in their shows  Govt. wants Canadian people to learn about Canadian history, culture etc. and showing about these things on TV is important and they enforce that  Subsidies o Government of Canada gives money to film and televisions o Most govt. play a role in supporting their countries media by giving money 3. Authoritarian  Exists in non-democratic countries o Media is privately owned in those countries but significant govt. pressures are applied on those media companies so that they don’t criticize the government o Purpose is to maintain political power and not to talk against the government  Extreme version is fortalatarian o Ex. North Korea, China, Cuba & Soviet Union o In a communist system, all media outlets are government owned & run o Nothing gets written, published or films don’t get made without the approval of the communist party 4. Marxist  Applies to media in capitalist society in US or Canada  Mass media is seen as performing 2 important functions according to Marxist theory o Accumulation  This means the media conditions us to behave in a particular way economically  Media convince us to buy stuff whether we can afford or not, it’s important for us to be good consumers & buy the new stuff as they come  Avg debt in Canada has surpassed the US  For Marxist, this is important as they believe in capitalist theory which means becoming rich by making the poor more poor  When you buy something new from the market, somebody gets rich from the sale of those products but you become poor for buying those products o Legitimization  Marxist believe that only small % of the population holds power & has the most wealth  They say that there is no voting or democracy in a society, they believe in communism and dictatorship which means 1 person or 1 party controls most of the wealth or power of a society  Media plays a role in legitimatizing the views of Marxist by saying everything is okay and convinces the general population th
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