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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

State (institutions)  Population o In order to have a state, you need a stable population  Territory o Canada is quite well positioned in many ways  We have stuff that people want to buy  Canada has most of the world’s fresh water  Fresh water will be important when the population will become more than 10 billion people when ppl will need more water to survive  Canada has oil & natural gas that we sell worldwide  Canada also exports potash  Potash is used for fertilizing  Saskatchewan is the world’s largest potash producers o It is a growing economy there, people are moving there more often as more jobs are available, higher income o America has military in the middle east since it is strategically important as middle east has a lot of oil and Americans need it  Sovereignty o It refers to the degree of independence a country has o In order to be recognized as a state, you need to demonstrate sovereignty  You make your own decisions regarding the country  You make your own decisions about the relationship with other country  No external force has effect on your decisions  A country needs to be independent to be recognized as sovereignty  For example, India before 1948 was a colony of Britain not a state, they didn’t have the independence to make their own decisions, Britain made it for them o Degree of sovereignty is directly connected to the amount of power you have o Canada is compromised in sovereignty in terms of military  We cannot defend ourselves, our borders etc  We do not have enough military to protect ourselves  But we have strong relationship with the US, so their military protect us  We are involved with NATO along with US  We are involved with NORAD (North American Air Defense) along with US  Key defense decisions gets made elsewhere and Canadian govt. goes along with it  Our sovereignty is compromised  But we save money on military as we are protected by the US military o Americans are convinced that we do not have enough military to protect us, they are convinced that all sorts of refugees & immigrants are entering Canada that may eventually impose a threat to the US  Americans wants to have common security policies with Canada to ensure their security, they will stop trading with Canada if Canada doesn’t make their laws stricter on immigration so Canada is trying to determine what can be done to do that  And this is how Canadian sovereignty is undermined o Canadian sovereignty is also undermined economically  Because very large % of Canadian economy is owned by foreign industries  65% foreign companies control Canada’s economy  No other countries in the world has this much % controlling their economy o Canadian sovereignty is also undermined culturally  There is no Canadian culture largely because we have been exposed to American media & culture  We watch the same kind of movies, eat at the same restaurants, listen to the same music  Harper is a American style conservative  50 years ago Canadians would never elect a political like Harper  Now Canadians see it differently and are adopting American political values
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