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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

Decision-Making  Politics can be seen as a decision making mechanism for society Conflict-Resolution  Politics is the master science  Everything in society and human life is governed by politics  Politics can be seen as a system for conflict resolution Authoritative Allocation of Values  Values in the sense of things o Things like wealth, health, status  All human beings want this things o Wealthy people paying less taxes and corporations paying no taxes at all, all of this are allowed by politics o Average Americans have not seen an increase in their income for the last 25 years is a result of political choices o Wealth is allocated by political decisions  If big corporate leaders call the PM, he surely will pick up and answer the call however if regular citizens make that call, it will not be possible to reach the PM  Corporations does not want government to do something that will hurt their companies o Authoritative means it’s done by legislative institutions like government Just society  Philosophers always argued what is the best kind of society  Some writers believe just society is a society where people can live freely and have freedom to say anything, criticize government  Some believe just society has equality, there is no difference between rich and poor, no people on the streets begging for money  For Harper, just society it is about economic freedom, freedom for companies to perform businesses o He would like to see private society play a greater role and govt play a smaller role Power  Power is the politics like money is the economics o It is like the currency for politics  Power can be defined as the ability to get what you want regardless of what others need or do, more often you do this the powerful you are  Canada is a relatively powerful country comparing to Jamaica  Power has 3 dimensions o Influence  Based on persuasion  A government using persuasion to influence your behavior  Government of Canada uses all kinds of campaigns to discourage people from smoking cigarettes however it doesn’t want to ban cigarettes since they make a lot of money out of it  They use this campaign to influence our behavior o Coercion  Based on threat or the actual use of force  Government can get you to do something  Government banning smoking in bars and restaurants  If restaurant owners allow smoking, they get a huge fine from the government, so govt. is using coercion/force to discourage smoking  If you don’t follow what the government tells you to do, they can punish you by putting you in jail or by fining you or using capital punishment  You cannot use force against other citizens of your country because you will end up in jail but if govt. puts a gun in your hand and send you to Iraq to kill their citizens, that is something forced by the govt. and you will not end up in jail o Authority  Based on legitimacy and obligation  Govern
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