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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

Population & Food Supply  Thomas Malthus was a mathematician who was alarmed by the disparity between the population & food supply  He said there would be a fierce struggle over popn & food, population control would happen naturally through famine, disease & war  Because of the technological growth, food supply was able to keep up with the population growth  In the year 1000, population was 250 million, today it is around 7 billion  Interest trend seen between a typical developed country & a underdeveloped country o In Congo, the population is 68 million now but by 2050, it is estimated to grow to 140 million  There will be a lot of young people with the population growth with no jobs and income so as a result there could be lot of political unrest in government and crime committed by those young people o In Italy, the population is 61 million now and by 2050, it will be around the same number  In Italy, it will be the opposite, not a lot of young people will be available with the population growth, about 20% of the population will be retiring by 2050 as a result lot of pension payouts will need to be done, expensive medical care will be required to keep the old people alive  US birthrate is way above the average developed countries o They will not experience the same kind of decline in economic activities like other developed nation such as there will be young people to take on jobs after the current old population retires  US also offers immigrants to enter the country as opposed to many to other developed nations like Japan  Study show that higher the literacy level a country has among the female population, the lower the population growth will be  Technology is at work to assist parents determine what gender child will be born o China has a 1-child policy per family to control their population growth and India’s population mostly prefers a male child over female child culturally  As a result, a lot of parents are preferring a male child over a female child and female fetuses are being aborted  This can be done as a result of technologic
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