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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

Arms  Year o 1500  Explosive Power (Tons of TNT)  0.001 (weapon – Gunpowder Bombs) o 1914  Explosive Power (Tons of TNT)  1.0 (weapon – Large Cannon) o 1940  Explosive Power (Tons of TNT)  10.0 (weapon – Blockbusters) o 1946  Explosive Power (Tons of TNT)  20,000 (weapon – Hiroshima Atomic Bomb) o 1961  Explosive Power (Tons of TNT)  50 million (weapon – Largest Hydrogen Bomb)  Weapons present the dark side of technological advances th  20 century was the bloodiest century in history o More ppl got killed in this century than ever before o WWII had huge % of killing  20 million died in Soviet Union  Bow & arrow was 1 of the early inventions of weapons  Canons & gunpowder was invented in 14 century th  Guns, rifles, machine guns in 18 century  Civil war was the bloodiest war in history up to that time o 600,000 Americans died o Machine gun was used for the 1 time in Civil war and resulted in so much deaths  This technological advancement caused so many people to die  Funding for programs that results in stealth technology was from the black budget o Black budget is from outside the normal budget for the Defense department o Americans have the money to spend in Defense and they allocate the black budget in research projects for weapons that is hidden from the outside world  Ex. projects that could take place in Area 51 which the entire world is not aware of other than the US government  2011 World Arms budget o World – $1.6 Trillion o US - $698 billion (4.8% of GDP) o China - $119 billion o UK - $59 billion o France - $59 billion o Russia - $58 billion o Japan - $54 billion  Interesting story about historical example o Example of Colonial Era  Most of European expansions took place between 1500 & 1800  World domination by Europe were possible by technological advancement  Inventions like compass, gun powder, faster & stronger ships helped the European rule over the world  Ship technology made it possible for countries to penetrate the continents and invade  Had better cargo carrying capability, stronger ships, bigger ships to carry more people o This helped European nations to invade more countries and get there faster with larger forces & weapons  Discovery of certain medicines made certain diseases disappear  As a result, Europeans had more opportunity to enter more African countries as the technological advanced medicines helped reduce sickness  Miniaturization & mobility of weapon system allowed anybody to get, move and use the weapon  Ppl in colonies stopped thinking about colonials but instead began to think about how they are different group of people who wanted freedom and liberty and have their own nationalism  Advancement in weapon, miniaturization & mobility of weapon allowed colonization to be decolonization and countries separated fr
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