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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

Globalization  It is impossible for a state to be completely sovereign the way it once used to be  Globalization is viewed as a bad thing by people on the left wing, because it takes jobs & resources away  The other view of globalization is positive because trade and interactions between countries result in prosperity, & is a neo-liberalism view, which is favoured by the right wing  The neutral view says that globalization is a long term interdependence amongst countries which is neither good or bad  Globalization is normally seen as an American thing however other countries also causes globalization o For ex. Japanese automakers are taking over the North American auto industry as more ppl are buying those cars like Toyota & Honda o For ex. India is offering a boom in the service sector through their call centers and many technological jobs like software developers, programmers  Military globalization o Weapons can be easily made, easily shipped o Weapons of mass destruction can now be moved around the world  Cultural globalization o Huge increase in the cultural globalization o For ex. sports are becoming globalized worldwide such as soccer & basketball o Cultural shows and movies are globalized as more ppl are seeing  Environmental globalization o Environment can be seen as being maybe the most truly global issue o Climate problems effect the entire planet o Spread of infection & diseases worldwide  These infections & diseases would not have been a problem in the past cuz ppl did not move around that much in the past  Now it’s possible for ppl to move around very quickly from 1 place to another and it is easier for the diseases to spread  Technology offers ppl to move around easily for ex. planes travel all around the world now and at a reasonable cost, allowing ppl to fly more frequently and causing diseases to spread quickly  Crime is global now because technology allows crime to be global o Through computers, money laundering is easier o Drugs can be moved around the world using planes, ships and various advanced transportation methods o Mafia’s in Italy are now worldwide as they can move from place to place Economic globalization  Some countries depend on trades majorly o For ex. Holland trade is 104% of GDP that means their trade is more % than their domestic GDP which means they rely heavily on trade  Growth in trade has occurred in the post-war period since 1945 because o Of tariff reduction  More goods can be exported & imported globally with lower taxes o Trade is much more freer  It is easier to buy & sell on global markets o Since industrial revolution, trade has changed globally which caused more goods to be available in lower prices o Cultural products triggered an increase in trade activity (such as movies, financial products, services) o Industrialization in technology o Material well being  Steady rise in the world standard of living in industrialized countries like US, China, UK, India etc.  When you have an increase in income in middle class people, they will have more disposable income which will cause them to buy more global products around the world  Wages have been rising in countries like China & India however wages have been flat among average Americans o Transportation  In early days of industrial revolution, railroad made products easily accessible & cheaper, this was a technological impact during the early 20 century  Nowadays the technological impact are the ships that we built to move large amount of goods, vehicles that move goods at a much faster rate, planes move goods quicker than ever before etc. o Since WWII, the world has bought into a free trade policy  Americans &
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