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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

POL607 Lecture 3 State vs. Nation vs. Government State:  The only institution in society that has a monopoly on force - Can take away your property (fine), freedom (jail), and in some places life  There are about 200 states  There are 4 elements to a state: (1)Population  The number of people doesn’t matter however people must get along and co-operate Ex. Quebec separatists (2)Territory  Size doesn’t matter however location does Ex. Poland found itself in a bad geographic location and that had significant implications in the state. In the 1790s Poland was eliminated because its neighbors invaded it  Natural resources are an attribute of good territories Ex. Canada is well placed because we have most of the world’s fresh water as well as other natural resources (oil etc) (3)Sovereignty  Refers to the degree of independence a state has  Before 1948, India was not recognized as a state because all political decisions were made in Britain  Sovereignty is determined by power Ex. The US may be the most sovereign of states because they can do what they want globally. The US can ignore UN.  Canada’s
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