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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

POL607 Lecture 9 Mass Media continued…  People think about media a lot to think what the medias role should be in society  Liberal perspective, social responsibility perspective, authoritarian perspective and the Marxist perspective 1. Liberal –  Media should be privately owned  Very American  Should be in a competitive environment, should get most profit  Competition will get best product for best price (market economy)  It’s a matter of identity for Canada and Europe with regards to films, but for America its profits  Big corporations own most media outlets 2. Social  Government/State has to play some role in running the media  Roles government plays:  CBC (based on BBC model)  really in best interest of public instead of commercial broadcasting (more so BBC)  Regulation  Canadian content requirements (Can. Con.)  Subsidies  government gives money to producers (Quebec highest), Europe also  Because there is no corporate dominance the government is in a sense compelled to play a role 3. Authoritarian  Exists in non-democratic countries  Here there is a range  mildly democratic (where there’s some undemocratic tendencies) media is still privately owned but there is lots of pressure to not criticize the government  purpose to maintain power  The more extreme version is a totalitarian systems like North Korea or old China, all media is government owned and run  NOTHING get written or broadcasted without the approval of the communist party  Based on lies, Russian broadcasting in ghettos and such  Every government does it to a certain extent (battle of stereotypes like in middle east) 4. Marxist  Karl Marx  Mass media is seen as the foundation of capitalism POL607 Lecture 9  Performs to important functions:  Accumulation  Government convinces us to be good consumers and by things  People become obsessed with material things  As a result everybody’s in debt – Canadian household
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