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Politics and Public Administration
POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

POL607 Lecture 12 World population:  Lots of young people with nothing to do  Growing population without growing’s number of jobs  In Italy and Japan, lots of elderly in coming years  Population problems for developed world  Some of these issues will result in economic decline  You need about 1.8 % birthrate otherwise you’ll see population decline but it can be somewhat offset from immigration  Japanese oppose immigration and aren’t having kids which is going to be horrific for the country  Lots of European political parties are opposing immigration  The United States has one of the higher birth rates in the developed world – it will maintain its demographic and economic integrity  Canada takes in more immigrants per capita than any other country  Studies show the higher the literacy rate amongst woman the lower the birth rate will be – direct correlation  As woman buy into capitalistic lifestyle birth rates will inevitably go down  Lots of Italy talk  Comparing developed and developing countries populations*** Technology and population:  India (1.7) China (1.4)  Chinese birth rate has maintained because of the one child policy  This is technology at work –Now we can see what the child will be before birth and if a girl in China or India they often get aborted  Genetic modification may make problems worse – Custom made kids in a sense  Artificial wombs for woman who cant or simply don’t want to have a baby for 9 months Population projections:  Russia population in decline – The only advanced country that has suffered major population decline  Back in the day, alcohol was used as a narcotic and people were too drunk or hangover to do anything politically  Alcohol has partially hurt the population of Russia  Japan isn’t having kids and no immigration  Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova all have declining birth rates o Mostly due to alcohol and immigrants don’t want to go to these countries cause there undesirable POL607 Lecture 12  The better healthcare the better the infant mortality rate – Scandinavia, China, Japan = great  The infant mortality rate in the US
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