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Politics and Public Administration
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POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

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POL607 Lecture 13 Military technology:  This will show how much destructive human power has grown: Year Explosive power Weapon Notes: 1500 0.001 of a ton Gun powder bombs 1914 1.0 tons Large Cannon 1940 10 tons Blockbusters Used to bomb full cities - horrific 1946 20,000 tons Hiroshima – atomic bombs 1961 50,000,000 tons Hydrogen bombs On nuclear missiles between Russians and American  Technology has improved life but military and warfare have shown the dark side of technology  Historically, the 20 century was the bloodiest in history  More humans got killed in this century than any other  Technology has enabled more efficient warfare and in turn more deaths  WWII life toll was 20 million in Russia and Poland lost half of its population  You would think we would have made progress with such an educated planet but its simply not the case  Human beings for the most part have been pretty violent creatures  There are some reasons as to why that might be  One thing that should be kept in mind is that we are animal life forms  The fact that you can make things doesn’t negate the fact that youll use them against others  The bow and catapult were some of the earliest military technologies  Romans and Medieval civilizations used tech to advance  Armor was introduced and cross bow was introduced to counter act it (vicious cycle)  US civil war was bloodiest of any war and that was due to the use of the machine gun (Gettysburg)  Other advancements came in boats POL607 Lecture 13  Planes were used in WW1 and WW2 and today we’ve moved to jets  The invention of stealth technology is a newer air technology – its essentially a cloaking system – heavily used in gulf war  Funding for these kinds of programs (emerging military tech) is contained in the “black budget”  The “black budget” is outside the regular defense budget and is unaccounted for  Lots of conspiracy theories emerge from this – Example, anti gravity propulsion systems that allow planes to fly using the force of gravity instead of gas 2011 Military $ VALUE Amount of GDP Notes: Budget (%) World 1.6 Trillion  Middle Eastern countries are spending lots of USA 698 Billion 4.8 GDP on Military CHINA 119 Billion 2.1 UK 59 Billion 2.7 FRANCE 59 Billion 2.3  Romans built roads that made it possible to move troops arou
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