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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Brooks filters (4)  Economics o Problem: in tv programs, shows that are serious you wont have many viewers o Dumb movies attract more people  Legal/regulating o Regulating takes place through bodies o Government plays a regularity roles through censorship (pg/teen/R)  Difference in Canada is done on a provnical level  Movies are banned because its difficult to define the movie  They have to prove that it is bad and damaging society to banned o Government regulation  Technological filter o Brooks argues that nature of film/tv changed dramatically  People use to load sound/videos in theatres... 3D movies  People like this stuff so they release more  If not enough jolts per minute(bombs/ action /loud /jokes/ etc) they say the movie suck o Technology drives the audie
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