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Lecture 3

PSY 302 Lecture 3: Prenatal Development

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PSY 302
Lixia Yang

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Prenatal Development
The period of the Zygote (week 1-2)
The period of the embryo (week 3-8)
The period of the Fetus (week 9-birth)
Average pregnancy is 266 days, 9 months, 38 weeks
Germinal Period (The period of Zygote)
0-2 weeks
Zygote (fertilized human egg)
Cell division, migration, differentiation and apoptosis
Time from conception to implantation
About 25% survival rate
Embryonic Period (The period of Embryo)
3rd -8th weeks
Implantation (zygote embeds itself in uterine lining and becomes dependent on
mother for sustenance)
Inner: Embryo (ex: neural tube)
Outer: Supporting system: placenta, umbilical cord, Amniotic sac
Fetus Period (the period of Fetus)
9th week
Rapid growth of body and brain
Age of viability (22-28 weeks)
Fetal Perception
Sensory structures are present relatively early in prenatal development
Hearing: Responds to sounds (6th month of gestation)
Touch: Tactile stimulation of own activity
Taste: Preference for sweet flavours
Smell: Smell amniotic fluid
Vision: Limited but will orient to external light
Fetal Learning
At birth preferences for smells and tastes that are familiar because of prenatal
Habituation (30 weeks) (simple form of learning that involves a decrease in
Prenatal Development
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