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Ryerson University
PSY 102
Niusha Ghazban

Chapter 6 LearningThe LearningBehaviorist Perspective1 Status of the Learning Perspective2 Classical Conditioningapplications to drug addiction and phobias3 Operant Conditioningapplication to Behavior Modification techniquesLearning PerspectiveObservable behavior is the focus as opposed to internal mind processes that we cant seeNext level of analysis up from the anatomy and physiology of the biological perspective Ch 3 and the mostly automatic functioning of perception Ch 4 and consciousness Ch 5Transition to higher order cognitive processes like memory thinking problem solving and decision making in the final section of our course Ch 7 and Ch 8Behaviorism was a radical positive departure from the dominant perspective in psychology around 19201 OverviewStatus of the Learning Perspective Often referred to as the learning perspective but not in the everyday sense of learning in schoolThe focus is on the effect of all prior experience on current behavior factors can include environmentparents friends etcEx a childs misbehavior is seen as the result of previous experience So if a child threw a tantrum and received a candy for it the next time they want candy theyll throw a tantrum because its worked beforeand learningperspective treatmenttherapy would provide alternative desirable beneficial experiences to replace old onesas opposed to punishing undesirable behaviour1 Status of the Learning PerspectiveMuch of the research in this area has been done with animalsthe classic examples of rats running mazes or pressing bars for food and pigeons pecking at lighted disks in a darkened cage2Classical ConditioningA Origins
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