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Chapter 7 - Memory

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PSY 102
John Turtle

Chapter 7Memory1Common Sense Models of MemoryTo identify their shortcomings2The Cognitive Model of MemoryProcesses stages and application to eyewitness memory3Improving MemoryNo easy fixes but effort pays off1 Common Sense Models of Memoryour goal here is to scrutinize so called common sense models discuss their shortcomings and set up our subsequent discussion on what psychology now has to offer about memory which is the Cognitive Modelcommon sense models differ primarily on the question oIs memory a permanent thingProponents of one model over another often have strong opinions on what they think is the right answeroTheres no way you could still remember that versusoNo one could ever forget something like that1 A The Freudian Model of Memory discussed on p 320 NOT PROVENAn idea from about 18951915 that has remained a part of Western culture although not a major part of modern psychologySuggests that all memories especially for traumatic events remain intact with all the original detail from the event foreveroBut are often inaccessible repressed under normal conditions
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