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PSY 105
Kristin Vickers

Access 1 Notes ACCESS • A structured collection of related information about people, events, and things is called a database. • A database management system is software that is used to manage and interact with databases SECURITY WARNING • When opening an Access database a security warning may display so the user can verify it came from a trusted source. NAVIGATION PANE • When a database is opened, its database objects are listed in the Navigation Pane. DATABASE OBJECTS • Database objects are the basic parts of a database the user works with. TABLE • The database object that stores the data is a table. • A datasheet view displays records in rows and fields in columns similar to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. QUERY • The Access database object, query, displays a subset of the data in response to a specific question. • When creating a query, the conditions used to select the records you are looking for are called criteria • When creating a query, the query design workspace displays the available tables and fields the query should use. FORM • A form allows the user to enter new records, delete records, or update existing records one record at a time. REPORT • A report displays the results of a query or the data in a table and is often printed. RECORD • A record is a collection of related data that displays in a single row within an Access table. PRIMARY KEY • A field that uniquely identifies each record in a table is called the primary key. AUTONUMBER • A field that automatically enters a unique, numeric value when a record is created is an AutoNumber field. DATA TYPE • When creating a table, the Data Type indicates what kind of information will be stored in a field. FIELD PROPERTIES • The characteristics of data that can be added to a field are defined by the field properties. FIELD SIZE • Field Size limits the number of characters that can be typed into a text or number field. RELATIONAL DATABASE • A relational database allows the user to place the same field in two tables and then join the tables using the related fields. RELATIONSHIP • A relationship where a record in one table can have many associated records in a second table is a one-to-many relationship. • Other relationships: o One to One o Many to Many REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY • The principle that a rule keeps related values synchronized is called referential integrity. Access 2 FIND AND REPLACE • You can use Find & Replace to search for and replace specific information in a table. • The Find button is found in the Find group under the Home tab. FILTER • In a database, the Filter tool displays a list of all values for the active column. DATES AND TIMES • When dates and times are entered as query criteria they are surrounded by # # • The Between...And operator finds all numbers or dates between and including two values. CALCULATED FIELD • A column in a query that derives its value from other fields is called a Calculated field. • In a query, a calculated field begins with a descriptive label with a colon follows by an expression. • e.g. to create a calculated field called YYYYY with content of an existing field multiplied by 0.5 • YYYYY:[existingField]*0.5 EXPRESSION • An expression is a combination of fields, mathematical operators, and prebuilt functions that calculates values in tables, forms, queries, and reports. • In expressions, field names are always enclosed by [ ] CRITERIA • When two criteria are placed in the same row, the And logical operator applies. •
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