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PSY105 - Chapter 1

by Anna
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PSY 105
Kristin Vickers

What is psychology Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behaviourThe term also refers to the application of knowledge to various realms of human life including mental dysfunction education and business Mental processes is the activities of our brain when engaged in thinking observing the environment and using languageInclude complex experiences such as joy love and act of lying Behaviour is our observable actions of an organism often in reaction to somethingFour goals of psychology when studying mental processes and behaviour DescriptionSeek to describe very specifically the things that were observed Explanation Who what when where and most importantly Why Strive to learn and to explain the questionPrediction Seek to predict the circumstances under which a variety of behaviours and mental processes are likely to occur Usually results taken from the findings in description and explanation in attempts to do more research on a certain subjectControlTake results and give advice on controlling behaviours amongst society Eg How to limit unhealthy stress to how to increase memoryLevels of analysis Analyzing how the brain the individual and the group influence each other reveals about how humans functionswhy a certain behaviour or mental processes occurs The brain Neural activity Analyzes how brain structure and brain cell activity differ from person to person and situation to situation The person emotions ideas thoughts Analyzes content of the individuals mental processes form and influence behaviour Consciousness and personality factors Content of Internal biological structures of the brain also needs to be studied The group friends family culture Analyzes how behaviour is shaped by the social and cultural environmentsExample Social MediaAt the level of the brain psychologists could explore patterns of brain activation on Facebook users to see what brain changes occur when they go online
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