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Health and Medicine

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PSY 108
Franklyn Prescod

SOCA01-Lecture 9 Health and Medicine cont’d: Post traumatic stress disorder: -a new mental disorder of recent vintage -cultural context: -public and private organization they find it profitable to come up w/ new mental disorders -pharmaceutical companies can come up w/ drugs to treat these disorders Vietnam: -war vets started returning home in 1971 and had problems adjusting -the war was very unpopular in America -young men and some women in the war -treated as hardly heroes -recession hit at so no jobs for them -by 1974 many were finding the stress too much to take and many began to believe that their problems were psychiatric and that they had a specific disorder -launched a national campaign and directed it at the APA -asked them to make it a mental disorder but eventually APA caved in and mad PTSD a mental disorder -some scattered evidence that it was a disorder but it only became a disorder b/c of the political pressure -if you are injured usually the government will pick up the tab -the Vietnam vets saw that they too could be eligible for compensation from the government -so the APA made it a disorder and they got compensated -example of a mental disorder being delabelled: -self-defeating personality disorder”i’m my own worst enemy” -feminist community objected b/c DSM is twice as common among women as among men -they argued before the APA that this amounted to blaming the victimwomen should not be blamed or saddled w/ this label b/c the real culprit is partriarchy which makes women feel inferior -the 1994 edition diagnostic and statistical manual dropped self-defeating personality disorder -thus see how politics played a key role -leads us to the conclusion that culture (sociological concept) plays a big role in deermining whether or not you are healthy or not healthy -mental disorders are shaped by thing other than scientific evidence -social values, political forces, professional interests, corporations and their interests -psychiatric labelling -no clear dividing line between mentally health and unhealthy individuals -there’s a sort of continuum -don’t have the tools to measure it -there are a lot of social pressures that get in the mix and they get to decide what and what not is
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