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Chapter 9: Intelligence & IQ Testing; Lecture + Text

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Ryerson University
PSY 202
Brad Meisner

Week 1 Intelligence and IQ testingMonday January 09 2012826 AMIntelligenceCharacteristics of intelligent behaviourLexicon vocabMultiple intelligencesAdaptabilityDefining and measuring has been controversial and not everyone accepts the same theoriesNature vs nurtureSir Francis Galton 1884Took idea of evolution Darwin and theorized about positive eugenicsGot government to give financial incentive to intelligent couplesselective parenthood68 of population fall under standard deviation of intelligenceBelieved intelligence to be defined as sensory capacityEugenics negative or positive not scientific but disguised under mathematical dataStigma and Ivyscholars perpetuated eugenics movementClark Wissler 1901Various senses are not correlated with one another or with academicsBinetSimon 1904Focused on abstraction complex thoughtThinkingFeelingSensationIntuitionSpearman s specific factors of intelligence to predict general g intelligenceLater modified to focus more on S than GFluid intelligence more related to Spearmans G than CrystallizedFluid intelligence peaks at young adulthood and then begins to declineRobert Sternberg 1983 2003Triarchic Model of IntelligenceAnalytical book smart1Practical street smart2Creative synthetic3Modern intelligence tests do not typically assess 2Neural plasticity Einsteins BrainfMRI studiesBrain activity is lower in highly intelligent peoplemore efficient and require less activationStern 1912Intelligence Quotient IQ PSY202 Page 1
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