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Ryerson University
PSY 215
Amelia Usher

Class 5 Feb 10/2014 Concurrent Disorders A concurrent disorder is someone who has a mental health and substance abuse disorder and is also known as co-occurring disorder, dual and comorbid disorder Not Qualifying for Treatment: In terms of treatment, CD is seen as its own diagnosis and to qualify you would need to meet the threshold with whatever mental disorder they are being tested for and meet the threshold for substance abuse, they might not qualify as CD and will not be able to get treatment Prevalence Study done in the U.S and most comprehensive studies on comorbid studies in U.S and had a very large sample and used census data to pick individuals for study and used face-to-face interviews which means this can be very reflective of the population They found that by looking at single diagnoses, 15% of population qualified for personality disorder, 11% met criteria for anxiety disorder, 9% mood disorder and 4% alcohol dependence. They wanted to see how many people had a mix of substance abuse and personality disorder; they found higher rates for people who had both than just in individual studies It is a high likelihood that someone who has a mental disorder will also have a substance disorder and is hard to qualify for treatment and not a lot of people who meet these criteria actually seek treatment Those with mental illness seem to have higher use of drugs and alcohol use while the rates are lower with people who did not have mental illness  Next study results Prevalence in Canada Mental illness amongst youth communities and populations are higher than adults since it’s an early onset and they found that 55% of youth had substance abuse while they were getting treatment for their mental illness. 34% of the population of people who were seeking treatment for personality disorder were also higher than patients who didn’t have a mental illness You can assume when working in clinical work that 50% of patients who are seeking treatment for one issue (mental or substance abuse) will most likely be seeking or not consciously be aware that they have the other problem as well (Dysthymia is a lower form of depression) in EXAMPLES Cannabis and Mental Illness Those who use cannabis seem to have higher rates of mental health issues Study looked at lifetime dependence probability that they will have a mental disorder and they found that 90% of those who are dependent on cannabis and using it every day had a mental illness in their lifetime; rates were high as well for alcohol as well Common Mental Illness That Co-occur With Substance Abuse • Major Depression: most serious and common mood disorder form of depression - Disrupts patterns of sleep, eating, lack of motivation and overall decrease in feeling and experiencing pleasures in life - 1/3 of major depression who will also have some kind of other substance abuse disorder (most common is alcohol) and their recovery is worse as well as having higher suicide rates - having an alcohol problem or major depression makes it double more likely to get addicted or experience the other one because of this correlation • Atypical depression: not meeting criteria for low grade or major depression but has to do with sudden loss • Organic depression: biological and chemical effects on the brain • Bipolar disorder - found commonly in concurrent disorder and 40-70% who have bipolar disorder will also have some sort of substance abuse in their lifetime and there are common themes that emerge for these people. The element of hopelessness seems to trigger substance abuse more so, people who have the disorder and do not take their medication, and people who claim to “self- medicate” tend to have higher chances of becoming addicted Bipolar 1: more manic episodes than major depressive (mixed
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