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PSY 302
Alba A.

1Class NotesPSY302 Lecture 4Chapter 4 Theories of Cognitive DevelopmentPiagets theory removing an object away from a young infants sight should lead the infant to act as if the object never existed Why developmental theories1Provide a framework for understanding important phenomena Objective prominence Babies at 8 months wont fuss when things are hide for themSeen in terms of Piagets theory the event of hiding object away from a child exemplifies a very general and profoundly important developmental phenomenon infants below 8 months of age react to the disappearance of an object as though they do not understand that object still exists2Raise crucial questions about human nature despite disagreement about how best to interpret young infants failure to retrieve hidden objects researchers agree that Piagets theory raises a crucial question about human nature odo infants realize from the first day of life that objects continue to exist when out of sight or is this something that they learnlateroMore significant do young infants understand that people continue to exist when they cannot be seenoDo they fear that mom has disappeared when she is no longer in sight3Motivate new research studies that lead to a better understanding of childrenMunakatas experiment placing the object under transperant glass children quickly remove the cover and get the toy this demonstrate that they were both motivated to obtain it and sufficiently skilled to do so support Piagets theoryDiamonds experiment use the opaque coverings as Piaget didfound that even 6 month olds can locate the object if allow to reach immediatelyindicated that memory for the location of hidden objects as well as the understanding that they continue to exist is crucial to success on the taskthis experimentindicate a need to revise Piagets theory2Why not just one theory in child developmentBecause development is so complex no single theory accounts for all of itTheories of cognitive and social development for example focus on different capabilitiesproviding a good theoretical account of development in either of these areas is an immense challenge bc each of them spans a huge range of topics Cognitive development include the growth of such diverse capabilities as perception attention language problem solving reasoning memory conceptual understanding and intelligenceSocial development includes the growth of equally diverse areas emotions personality relationships with peers and family members selfunderstanding aggression and moral behaviourThe theories examined in this lecture allow a broader appreciation of cognitive development than any one of them does by itselfPiagetian TheoryStill remains the bestknown cognitive developmental theory in a field replete with theories because Questions Addressed by Piagetian TheoryMain Questions AnsweredNature Nurture Continuitydiscontinuity The Active ChildJean Piagets theory remains the standard against which all other theories are judged His approach is often labeled Constructivist theoryChildren are seen asconstruct an understanding of their world based on observations of the effects of their behavior children create their own reality child as scientist is the dominant metaphor in Piagets theoryActive children learn many important lessons on their own rather than depending on instruction from adults or older children
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