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PSY 308
Holly Bowen

Grammatically gender affects perceived meaning Bridge in german and Spanish German : feminine -beautiful -elegant -peaceful Slender Spanish: masculine Big Dangerous Strong Sturdy Does language shape the way we think? They do perceive our perception of the world and how you think Sapir whorf hypothesis The language that you speak determines the way you think about things/ organization of things ExInuit and the word snow they have many words for snow not actually true -strong version (linguistic determinism) ---> this is wrong Language determines thought Weak version ( linguistic relativism) -----> may be true Language influences thought Language and colour perception Dani language (Papua New Guinea) Only 2 colour words ( dark vs light) Does the size of the colour vocab affect colour cognition ?? No can still categorize objects by colours nd like English speakers respond fastest to focal primary colours Evidence against linguistic determinism!! Does language shape how we think about time? Time is an abstract one dimensional directional entity Spatial metaphor is used across cultures and languages Specifics of that metaphor vary between cultures, e.g.: Earlier Later English Mandarin Language and time continued experiments conducted in English with native speakers of English and native speakers of mandarin If language shapes thoughts Mandarin speakers should benefit from vertical prime English speakers should benefit from horizontal prime Graph ---- Mandarin speakers took a longer reaction time when it came to horizontal prime English speakers took l
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