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PSY 308
Holly Bowen

Lecture may 14 2013 Recollection. And belief graph Belief in the flashbulb memory stays pretty constant over time even in 224 days Everyday memory on the other half dropped over time Recollection drops over time too for everyday memory Vividness: stays constant and High over time for flashbulb memory For everyday memory on the other hand changes and drops over time Remember know: recollect all details for flashbulb But not for everyday memory Consistency Number of details and accuray jn faxt decreases over time for flashbulb Accuracy doesn't differ between two memories All that differs is subjective people more confident about flashbulb memories Greenberg 2004 bush false flashbulb memory Wrong time slicememory The memory is right but wrong Time slot Pictures are vivid but can lead to memory errors Can stregthen memory even when it's the wrong time Gaps in memory and he fills it in with info learnt later or with what he thought we should have experienced Recall demo Table Sit Couch Coushion Stool Sofa 6 Hurt Injection. Thymbol Thread Needle Sewing Haystack 6 Heart Chocolate Sour Candy Sweet Bitter Taste Honey 7 Nap Peace Slumber Snooze Bed Sleep Tired Awake 7 Gravel Rugged Smooth Road 4 Deese roediger McDermott DRM effect We often fill in our memories Like in the demo we falsely recalled related category word the list relates to high confidence false recall Memory as reconstructive process Sometimes inaccurate process and we can be highly confident even when Inaccurate Influenced by current goals ie Hilary Clinton's poltical path Motivations Knowledge and expectations (semantic memory) usually have cereal so when asked what you had 2 weeks ago you say cereal ) Schemas Internal repsresmetarions in long term memory that organize our knowledge about world Ie dog schemas is 4 legs furry Breakfast schema roast beef doesn't fit into it but cereal does Affect how we interpret/ appraise/ evaluate our experiences and new information we acquire Dog s
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