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PSY 324
Alexandra Fiocco

Chpt. 1 Evolution of Behavior How did some species evolve?  What evolved from what: we base our answer upon fossils and comparisons of living species i.e.) Figure 1.10 Evolutionary tree How do species evolve?  How the process works: the process is a necessary outcome. Evolution must occur because of reproduction.  Offspring resemble their parent’s genetics  Mutations, recombination’s and micro duplications of genes introduce new variations that are heritable that can either help or harm an individual’s chance of surviving and reproducing  Certain individuals reproduce more successfully than others thus passing on their genes to a new generation. Any more prevalent genes will become more prevalent in later generations. Artificial Selection: when an animal, human or plant chooses a mate that specifically carrier a desired trait with them so their offspring can carry on that desired trait ( i.e.) breeding racehorses, hundred breeds of dogs, etc. Charles Darwin (1859) also backed up this theory by explaining how it occurs in nature. Misunderstandings About Evolution Lamarckian Evolution: carry-over of evolution through the inheritance of acquired characteristics (i.e.) lack of usage for pinkie toe will cause the next generation to have smaller ones  False Have humans stopped evolving? : No because evolution does not only require survival it also requires reproduction so certain genes passed down from generations might change us Does evolution mean improvement? Evolution improves fitness: number of copies of ones genes that endure in later generations (any gene that spreads is fit). If you have many children that later reproduce, you are fit. If you support your relatives who reproduce their own children, you are fit. Some passed down ge
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