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Ryerson University
PSY 324
Alexandra Fiocco

Bio Psych Class #4 Post Mortem Assessment: --> Brocha had a patient named Tan and after Tan passed away Brocha was able to examine the damage in his brain which was located in the left hemisphere in the frontal lobe which was later to be known as Brochas area --> WE sometimes have an idea of what someone has but we cannot actually examine it prior to post mortem (alhzeimers disease) Histoathological evidnce: looking for certain patterns in the brain such as cavities and hallmarks that trademark a mental diseases in this category Experimental Ablation Hney Molasion: suffeed from severe epilepsy but no drugs worked on him so he was the first to under the surgery where learning and function is important and he was cured of his epilepsy.The problem was that he could not form long term memories anymore but kept his old memories. He could not remember new facts (talking to new people and remembering who they are) but he can remember precdural memories (riding a bike) Lesions: --> Subcortical: deeper into the brain where introquet tissues that associate with functions Excitocix lesions: more precise; delivering toxic lesions to a specific part of the brain Electrical current: more messy form of surgery Sham (fake) lesions: insert the lesions into the rats but do nothing else. It is important because we want to see
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