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Biological Psychology Lecture 4

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PSY 324
Tara M Burke

Biological Psychology Lecture 4Anatomy of the Nervous SystemThe frontal lobe either referred to as rostral or anteriorThe back of the brain caudal or posteriorDorsal top of the brain Ventral bottom of the brainMedial middle of the brainLateral towards the outsides of the brainAnterior Rostral Anteroposterior axis runs from head to opposite end of bodyPosterior Caudal Anteroposterior axis runs from head to opposite end of bodyDorsal Dorsoventral From back to front bellyVentral Dorsoventral From back to front bellyIpsilateral Located on the same side of the body structureContralateral Located on opposite side of the body structureAll senses are contralateral except for smell and taste are IsilateralLanguage is lateralized thus the left hemisphere is responsible for languageEmotions are lateralized on the right side of the brainVisualspatial is in the right hemisphereIf the two hemispheres are not connectedmotor movement is contralateral the right hemisphere processes the left side of the body and vice versaBasic Features of the Nervous SystemNervous system CNS brain spinal cord PNS Nerves everything else peripheral ganglia3 things that protect the brain Bone Meninges cerebral spinal fluidMeninges Layers of connective tissues that protect the CNS3 layers that encase the CNS that protect the brain and spinal cord1dura matter tough outer layer fused with the pia matter in the PNS
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