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PSY 514
Maureen Reed

PSY514 Sept 8 2014Intro to Perception Sensation immediate and direct qualitative experience confronted by a stimulus and have an experience with that stimulus A sensation is based on a neural response that occurs A stimulus is anything that is out there and we encounter through our sensory processes Responses of physiology how neuros response is what generally refers to as sensation ie chair color soundPerception psychological process whereby meaning past experience or memories interpret sensations ie what is it What does it do Have a physiological reaction and use memory in some way to determine whether something a stimulus is out there ie book We talk about sensation and perception usually as one thing not two individuals things Stimulation environmental energy which activates the brain what could this environmental energy be ie pressure soundlight waves and anything that interacts with your sensory receptors Doesnt say when you interpreted them but does mean stimulation is interacting with you Perception will argue the following your world is in your head that everything you experience is not really out and the only thing that is out there is in your head Your cells put together to perceive things internally but you think is real they claim that the only thing that exists is sign waves that stimulates cells in your brain to combine those stimuli and interpret sign waves as her being in your head People do not like this because they think it takes the meaning out of things What is out there is not what you seehear it is a mixture of waves and what you feel is pressure You can largely control the environment and meaning of everything you see in your internet world The interpretation you possess is completely different from another personDoctrine of Specific Nerve Energies regardless of how you stimulate a sensory organ it always has the same response ie stimulate my eye with viewing a book you will see something your eye cant interpret anything except visual responses so it doesnt matter how you stimulate the eye it will always just see just like your ears will never see or your nose will never hearInterpretation of the WorldWe sometimes se more than is three you tried to come up with an explanation for seeing those half circles and half triangles in order for you to make an interpretation Eyewitnesses have unique systems and by its nature will have a unique interpretation of situations and so humans are not good at accurate recall of past experiences Evolution of the EyeSpeed vs Accuracy humans in their perception trade off the speed of their perception for the accuracy and as people age it becomes more of an issue
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