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Lecture 2

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PSY 654
Benjamin Dyson

Why Cognitive NeuroscienceThe recording of neural activity might offer direct communication between brains and machinesThe system takes advantage of a large reliable response to moving visual stimuli Visual Evoked Potential VEPresponse to moving visual stimuli oBy focusing on the boxes of interest the VEP acts as a way of confirming your selection A person in a vegetative state locked in as a result of a road traffic accident was asked to imagine playing tennis and imagine walking around their houseoDifferential brain activity was produced oSMAsupplementary motor areaoPMCpremotor cortex oPPCposterior parietallobeoPPAparahippocampal gyrusoNormal controls brain activity was indistinguishable from the activity of the locked in patient Is this evidence of conscious awareness in an unconscious individualoNachev and Husain 2007baseline condition of relax to which the active conditions are subtracted DistributionoOn one hand the brain is extremely dull however within in there is approx 180 billion cells that are talking to one anotherApprox 80 billion of these cells are involved with cognition oThe brain contains the most beautiful electricalchemical firework display ever oThe position that the happiest and the saddest youve ever felt or the hardest decision youve ever hafd to make are consequences of electrochemical networks
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