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PSY 808
Kosha Bramesfeld

Class 5 Feb 7/2014 Changing Social Systems It is often difficult to come to a consensus within a group in terms of reaching an understanding of the vision, context, needs and action of the particular subject that is being talked about. Psychology is interested at working at the individual level of analysis but community psychology is more concerned with the relational and collective levels. Interventions: (ie) for the ISS, the program itself is our intervention. Community Psychologists are interested in identifying problems in a community, assessing the need for those interventions for that community. Ecology Ecological metaphor: Micro: personal issues like family, neighbourhood, demographics Macro-level: culture Cycling of resources: how do we gain resources for intervention and to help members of our community as well at what level are those resources being used Adaption: how are communities and community members going to accept the change and are they ready for the change to occur? Succession: what worked what didn’t work? - The implications have to be taken from a holistic approach as well as psychology bringing a strong scientific foundation so when we look at ecology from a holistic approach, we are driven by theory - We need to consider the level of intervention, which means we want to our intervention the level of the issue or program that we are dealing or involved with. If we are doing a collective intervention we need to include the different levels of intervention
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