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Class 6 Interventions- Tools for Actions

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PSY 808
Kosha Bramesfeld

Feb 14/2014 Class 6 Transtheoretical model: is this person ready to receive intervention efforts? How do we use research to apply to the evaluation tools: Community science: Research is a defining feature of community psychology; not where community psych is based on research. Research is seen as inseparable from practice and this separates community psych from community action in terms of community psych is very devoted in research - Community Psychologists do not reject anything if it can be used or applied as a tool *Look at Reflection Paper slide for answering questions (summarize the statistics do not give specific statistics)*  check out tutorial under community psych tab for info on how to do specific search for articles rd Repeat your title page on the 3 page!! After title page and abstract Name page 4 or 5 Article Summary 1 single spaced up until refere
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