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PSY 961
Micheline Laforme

REFLECTIONCommunity is a term that traditionally has been classified as a specific place where people are brought together for social interactions Moritsugu WongDuffy 2010 In addition the literature states that the sense of community is the relationship an individual holds for his or her community which includes four elements membership influence integration and a sense of emotional connection McMillianChavis 1986 as cited in Moritsugu et al 2010 Based on these definitions I personally consider community a concept that involves a network of individuals that allows one to experience feelings of belonging where the present emotional attachment shapes and influences ones values and principles When integrating into a community one is carrying a unique identity which identifies and differs oneself from the rest in society There are a number of factors that have shaped my personal identity which include past life experiences family spirituality and culture Today at twenty years old of age I consider myself a young female nursing student with many inspirations and goals in life One of the most important things that I consider to be part of my identity is being ChristianCatholic and having a strong relationship with God My spirituality has shaped me to become a compassionate human being with a great desire to help others In addition education to me is very important which has influenced me in becoming very determined individual who fights and works hard in order to achieve goals and dreams As previously mentioned to me being part of a community means more than a group of individuals with common characteristics For this reason I am currently not situated predominately in one specific community My personal community constitutes of a group of individuals that are considered to be the closest to me such as my family and friends This community is held together mostly by a strong emotional bond between the individuals and myself My family introduced myself to the Catholic community with my baptism at the age of five years old and throughout the years my relationship with God has grown which has encouraged me to be more integrated with the community and its members Even though I came to Canada when I was eleven years old my family held onto Colombian culture traditions which inspired me to become part of the Colombian community here in Canada Lastly since education is an important part of who I am as a person I consider myself to be part of the Community of Ryerson and the Nursing student associations in Canada Throughout my life all these communities have been constantly being part of me as a person however if I were to choose one community that stands out at this point of my life I would choose the community of nursing As a third year of a nursing student I feel that through experience and education I have acquired a strong emotional attachment and integration towards this community My personal values have been acquired through family and education Compassion integrity and accountability within others are values that are very well shared among the nursing community Being accountable for what you do treating others with respect and being aware of the differences between people are principles that stand of the most when thinking about common world views between the community of nursing and myself My personal community and the community of nursing are the two communities that I feel that have had the most significant impact in my personal development One salient aspect of my personal community that has been meaningful is the importance of education My parents who are both highly educated have acquired a certain mentality from back home where education
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