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Lecture 1

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Ryerson University
Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Clare Chua

Course Outline QMS 102 BUSINESS STATISTICS I Dr. Chua The course outline may be download from the Blackboard. Communication Please DO NOT leave any phone message. What are required for QMS102? Email is the best form of communication. 1. Required textbook If you are registered in Business Management, you buy this text Please use email address: [email protected] book: Emails send to my personal account will not receive a reply. Business Statistics, A Two-Semester Text for Business Management, Seventh Custom Edition for Ryerson University, Because of high volume of emails received each day, you Compiled by Darryl Smith and Clare Chua would expect at least 3 days of waiting time. Prentice Hall,ISBN: 9780132567688 IIs equeesed hattemais shoud be sento theprofessorr If yyou argistered in Busingement ((fople,,mp only if the question(s) being asked cannot wait to be retail management, ITM, etc), you buy this text book: answered in the next scheduled lecture. Business Statistics, A One-Semester Text for Hospitality and Tourism Management, information Technology Management, Every effort will be made to response to all emails. University, Compiled by Darryl Smith and Clare Chuarson However, due to the high volume of emails received each Prentice Hall,ISBN 10: 0132567687 day, your response may be posted on the Blackboard under 2. Calculator the heading Announcements. Students are advised to CASIO FX-9750G plus orII check the class announcements, prior to sending an email (SHARP EL-9600c or TI-83) to the professor. NOTE: The new edition of the text has been revised. If you wish to buy the Where to get the lecture older edition of the text, you are fully resspoonssible forralllthe cchaanggess maadde inn materials? the new edition. The professor will assign problems from the new edition of the text. You are responsible to match up the assigned problems from the new edition with the old edition of the text. 1 Where to get the lecture materials? Blackboard Blackboard ---- -- EVALUATION: Course Content The grade for this course is composed of the mark received for each of the Chapter Topic following components: Compon ent Perc ent / Da te Number of Cribsheet 1 Introduction & Data Collection Weight allowed 2 Presenting Data in Tables & Charts Quiz #1 10% Week 4 ONE (letter size, both sdedhandwrrin orreen 3 NumeriicaDescriiptMeasures typewritten) cribsheet 4 Basic Probability Test 25% Week 8 ONE 5 Discrete Probability Distributions Quiz #2 10% Week 11 ONE 6 The normal Distribution 11 Online Homework 5% Every Week 7 Sampling Distributions Final Exam 50% TBA THR EE 8 Statistical Application in Quality & Productivity TO TAL 100% Management Topics to be tested in Chapters 1 and 2: Type of data, Measurement Scales, Stem and Leaf QUIZ 1 Plot, Frequency/Relative/Percentage Distribution and OGIVE Topics tested in quiz 1, and Chapter 3 ONLINE HOMEWORK TEST Discrete Probability Distribution, Binomial Probability, Poisson QUIZ 2 Probability, Normal and Inverse I will post the website link by Normal Probability Monday. Please check your Comprehensive including topics CLT EXAM (sampling Dist), Control Charts. Blackboard announcement regularly FORMAT OF THE TEST: All the quizzes, test and exam will be in Multiple Choice format. 2 ONLINE HOMEWORK After you have Logged in you Login site will see this screen [Check Marks] is only for eHWtechnical nature such as the eHW solna Be sure to check the eHomework Information. and my answer were the same but I didnt get the mark. Initially students can save or Premark their answers. The pre-Mark can only be used once and is only Students can save as often as they want until the due date/time. Students must print this page to confirm they have submitted answers. When pre-mark is click this page appears with the current mark. Students can still change answers as often as they want until the due date/time. After the due date/time students will no longer be able to save or Premark. After pre-marking or within 24 hours of the due date/time only the save button is available. After you have marked and released a section, students will see the questions, their answers, the solution, the evaluation and if necessary some feedback. Lecture 1 Topics covered in lecture 1: WHAT IS STATISTICS? 1. Identifying types of data 2. Measurement Scale 3. Stem and Leaf Plot 3 What is Statistics? Statistics can be . Statistics is the science of collecting, Descriptive Statistics _ collecting and describing the data organizing, presenting, analyzing, and - Collect Data e.g interpreting data to assist in making QMS102 - Present Data e.g. Tables a< Chapter 2> - Characterize effecttve deecisionns. Inferential Statistics Transform is the process of using sample results to draw DATA INFORMATION QMS202 conclusion about the characteristics of a population. Estimation is used to estimate population parameters Enables us to estimate unknown population characteristics such as a population mean or a population proportion Hypothesis Testing DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS Graphical presentation.. Descrip
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