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Lecture 2

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Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Clare Chua

Announcement Announcement QUIZ 1 Quiz 1 is on week 4 (held in class). Check the date on Online Homework Link the handout agenda. The student access to the site is: Topics that will be tested in quiz #1: https:www.ranger.ryerson.caqms102ho i)) Dataypes measurement scales ii) Stem and Leaf Display meewoork Module 1 is due on September 20 at iii) Frequency Distribution 6 a.m. iv) OGIVE Other module deadlines are Format of the Quiz1: Multiple Choice Question indicated on the homework site. Announcement Announcement Online Homework Other issues Online Homework Link DO NOT USE my personal email address. The student access to the site is: (Note: You will not receive any response if https:www.ranger.ryerson.caqms102ho you send it to my personal account). meewoork USSE qms1 [email protected] ffor emaiill Module 1 is due on September 20 at 6am correspondences. Recommended calculator: CASIO FX- 9750G Plus or CASIO FX-9750GII TI-83 model is acceptable but I will not be using it in class. Nominal Data Review classification data, e.g. malefemale no ordering, e.g. it makes no sense to state that Male > Female Scales of Measurement arbitrary labels, e.g., malefemale, 01, etc Ordinal Data Data comes in various sizes and shapes and it is ordered but differences between values are not important e.g., political parties on left to right spectrum given labels 0, 1, 2 important to know about these so that the proper e.g., Likert scales, rank on a scale of 1 to 5 your degree of satisfaction analysis can be used on the data. There are e.g., restaurare preference scores, e.g. ratings of eating establishments where 10=)ood, 1=poor usually 4 scales of measurement that must be Interval Data considered: ordered, constant scale, but no natural zero as hot!nces make sense, but ratios do not (e.g., 30- 20=20-10, but 20 10 is not twice 1.Nominal (You are also allowed to quantify the difference between two interval scale values but there is no 2.Ordinal natural zero. For example, temperature scales are interval data with 25C warmer than 20C and a 5C say that 20C is twice as hot as 10C.) Note that 0C is arbitrary, so that it does not make sense to 3.Interval e.g., temperature (C,F), dates 4.Ratio 1 Ratio Data - ordered, constant scale, natural zero Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What is a natural zero? - e.g., height, weight, age, length Some scales of measurement have a natural zero and -(You are also allowed to take ratios among ratio scaled variables. some do not. Physical measurements of height, weight, length are typically ratio variables. It is now meaningful to say that 10 m is twice as long as For example, height, weight etc have a natural 0 at no height or no weight. 5 m. This ratio hold true regardless of which scale the object is It makes sense to say that 2m is twice as large as 1m. Both of these being measured in (e.g. meters or yards). This is because there is a variables are ratio scale. naturalzeo.)) On the other hand, year and temperature (C) do not have a natural zero. The year 0 is arbitrary and it is not sensible to say that the year 2000 is twice as old as the year 1000. Similarly, 0C is arbitary (why pick the freezing point of water?) and it again does not make sense to say that 20C is twice as hot as 10C. Both of these variables are interval scale. We have covered two topics in Lecture 1 Stem-and-Leaf Display 1.Measurement Scales Solutions to question 2.10 (page 57) 2.Stem and Leaf Display n.a. Question 2.10 a. Profit Rank n.a Question 2.10 b. Asset Rank 24 34 569 Profit Rank 20 Asset Rank n.a. 48 Highest Stem Leaf Lowest Stem Leaf 3 Lowest (00s) 1 (0s) 15 6 546 0 0000111112223 27 0 1234 19 35 1 0 569 4 2 14 1 124 31 21 n.a 3 n.a 1 4 2 014 27 11 7 5 3467 2 2 7 26 4 3 4 14 44 3 5 533 3 4 4 574 24 4 8 Highest 12 9 11 5 9 12 2
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