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Quantitative Methods
QMS 102
Jason Chin- Tiong Chan

QMS 102 Test #2 Review C Cars arrive at a Ace Car Wash at corner Bloor and Yonge at an average rate of 1.5 cars every 10 minutes. 45% of the customers pay by debit card, 25% of all customers pay by credit card and the rest pay by cash. Of those paying by debit card , 20% order the deluxe wash and the remainder order the standard wash; of those paying by credit card, 40% order the deluxe wash and the remainder order the standard wash. All cash customers ordered the standard car wash. Below is a bell shaped histogram of a the times required to manually spray and vacuum cars before entering the automatic car wash facility. When cars emerge from the wash the drying job is inspected for quality, see the bar chart below. All events and activities are independent of each other. QMS 102 Test #2 Review C On the back of the previous page is information about the Ace Car Wash. a. Estimate the maximum time taken by the fastest 20% of the car preparation times
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